Hi there!

I'm Meghan Rose

I started Oak & Poppy lifestyle photography because I love capturing lovely, sweet…and sometimes crazy moments. I have always loved making things beautiful. And photography is a way for me to capture everyday moments and make them beautiful!

A little about me… I married my college sweetheart - a strong, steady man from Alaska! We have 3 sweet, wild little humans.
I love babies, pink, Dolly Parton, glitter, Jane Austen and Jesus (not in that order)! And I completely over use exclamation points!

Why Oak & Poppy...

You might be wondering where I got the name Oak & Poppy. Well, my husband and I have an ongoing joke that he is like an Oak Tree - strong, rooted, solid, unwavering.  And I am like a wild flower - free and wild. 

While I was thinking of what to call my photography business I realized that families are a lot like an Oak & Poppy - strong, solid, grounded & free, fun, wild. 

The blend of those two makes for a beautiful family and life! Thus - Oak & Poppy!